Seed Planting Instructions

Steps for successful ramp seed germination

Select a Location

Look for a wooded area with hardwood tree varieties and a good leafy mulch built up on the ground.

The area should remain moist throughout the year and fully shaded during the summer months. Ramps struggle in dry soil, so look for depressions, seasonal drainage pathways or edges of streams. Avoid areas that retain standing water or mucky soil during the summer months. 

Ramp seeds typically need 2 winters to germinate, so place seeds in an area that is generally undisturbed.

Planting Your Seeds

Rake the leaf cover from a small area and sprinkle seeds directly onto the exposed soil, approximately 12 seeds in a 5 inch radius. Replace leaves and step on the area to press the seeds into the dirt and to help keep the leaves in place.

Do not dig a hole and bury ramp seeds. We want to mimic nature as much as possible, and that means leaving seeds at the surface of the soil.