Rampfarm.com Is Open Again! 802-829-0212
Rampfarm.com Is Open Again! 802-829-0212
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Maple Products Available, Bulb Pre-Orders Begin

The fall seed planting season is behind us and now we hunker down and await the spring thaw.

In the meantime, we can pass the winter months with amazing maple treats from one of my partner farms, Stewart Maple! Please check out the products below, I can assure you that once you taste it, you'll be back for more.

Bulbs will be harvested in the early spring (whenever the snow melts and the ground is thawed, likley end of March, early April) for transplanting. Orders may be placed now for spring shipment.

Seeds will remain available for purchase throughout the winter and if the soil hasn't quite frozen up in your area yet, fall planting may still be possible. The colder spots may need to wait for spring.

Order directly from the website using the links below or give me (Devin Bachelder) a call at 802-829-0212 and I'll be happy to help and/or discuss all things ramps! Want to order by mail? Click this link to download and print an Order Form.

From Richwood, West Virginia, the ramp capital of the world, to Franklin, Vermont. The source may have changed, but the vision and work of Glen Facemire will continue. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to build on and secure the legacy of rampfarm.com, marketed for years as America's only ramp farm, with a vision of spreading the awareness of, love for, and of course, seeds and bulbs of ramps across the United States.

Glen Facemire's book, Having Your Ramps And Eating Them Too, a comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting and enjoying ramps, is available directly from this site.

Check out the information pages from the top menu, and be sure to check back periodically as more products become available. Those blue tubes in the woods? Those are for maple syrup production!

Mr. Facemire's property, the former Ramp Farm, is still available for sale. You can check out the virtual tour here and he can be reached at 304-846-4235.