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Richwood, West Virginia

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The lush ramps are just about ready
to be harvested at the Ramp Farm

Hello, we are Glen and Norene Facemire, and we have the distinction of having the only ramp farm in the world. We are located on the north slope in the quaint little town of Richwood, along the prominent trout stream of the South Fork of the Cherry River.

We would like to introduce you to one of the most unique vegetable/herb in the world. The RAMP (Allium Tricoccum) is a member of the more well known onion and garlic family, but that is where it stops. The unique flavor is desired by chefs preparing for the Wall Street crowd in the famed Beard House in New York City, to the thrill of the races at the Kentucky Derby. Though the RAMP has grown to new heights, its roots are still in the tradition of ramp feeds and festivals throughout the state.

The RAMP is characterized by having leaves about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. The slender stem makes its way down to a white bulb that is about one-half inch around. The use of the ramps are limited only to ones imagination.


Ramp Seeds--This is a thrifty way to grow your own ramps.

Ramp Bulbs--These are ideal for the gardener that can't wait to have instant ramps.

Booklets--We have one booklet:

Ramps From the Seed to the Weed

Book- We have a 148 page book:

Having Your Ramps and Eating them Too

Post Cards--This is a good way to share with others the celebrated ramp.


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