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The Ramp shows itself off as a beautiful flower
in the later part of June.







As the bloom fades away in July, little nodulars are formed containing the embryonic seed.





The nodulars that contained the seed burst open in late August, to reveal the seed.





After the seed has germinated, the little ramps
are often overlooked.





It will be another year or so before these ramps are fully matured.








This cluster of ramps are fully
matured and ready for harvest.






With a little patience and time, this ramp
patch can be obtained from bulbs or seeds.






The ramps are harvested using
a small hoe.







The "Ramp Quiche" is just one of the
many ways to prepare the ramps.






This four leaf ramp is one of the most unusual ramps on the Ramp Farm.





The verigated ramp is probably
the most unusual ramp found.








The ramp leaves die down, and
the seed stalk comes up to prepare for the bloom and the cycle starts all over again.



Photography by Glen Facemire, Jr.
(All Rights Reserved)


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